Feb 27, 2010

My HD DemoReels on YouTube.

I recently uploaded my Demo Reel on YouTube. Enjoy!

Warner Bros Games / Watchman: The End is Nigh ( XBOX360, PS3, PC )
Character modeling works for the Video game

I did modeling / rigging / skinning on one of the player character "NiteOwl", the last boss character "The Twilight Lady", and also a lot of enemy characters.

NiteOwl (one of the main player character of this title)
8,992 polygons (Triangle)
2048*2048 x2(Head to body, Cape)
1024*256 x1(Belt)

Twilight Lady (the last boss character of this title)
14,874 polygons (Triangle)
1024*1024 x2(Head, Skin part)
1024*2048 x2(Costume, Hair)
512*1024 x1(Lacings of the costume)
512*512 x1(Eye)

They have Diffuse, Specular, Normal textures.
The textures were made with maximum size firstly, after that they were changed into suitable/necessary size by game designer.
In game, they were shrunken into half to quarter size mostly.
Only for PR visual works, they were used with original resolution.

AQ interactive / BulletWitch
I produced this big monster named "DragonBats".

AQ interactive / Lost Odyssey
I produced a lot of props for this title's in game pre-rendered cinematics.
You can see what I did at the article of this below.
I couldn't up a static image of the "Mono-rail" in the cinematic, but I did that as well.

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